Church of Nature in the Woods

Who Am I?

I established the Church of Nature in the Woods in 1997 to help other Pagans/Witches who are looking for a place to worship and praise the God and Goddess. We are here to help Pagans/Witches find others who believe the same as they do.

I have been Wiccan/Pagan for over 24 years. I have learned under some fabulous people such as Kenny Klein (Blue Star Tradition); Lady Shyra (Tryskelion Tradition) whom I received my First Degree; Lady Shelby (Celtic Tradition) whom I received my Second and Third degree; and I have hived several Covens in Kansas City and Orlando. I have traveled the world and found many beautiful places. Ask me and I will tell you.

If you wish to know the Degrees and certificates I have, please ask and I will tell you.


We are an eclectic blend of basic and shared beliefs, expressed within the forms and rituals of Wicca. Central to our form of Wicca is the belief that all gods are aspects of one god; all goddesses are aspects of one goddess; and the two are One in a Divine Force which is both female and male, yet neither; being transcendent of that polarity.

We believe that each of these God/dess forms have a stored power of their own, given to them by those who have worshiped them through the ages. Hence the phrase, "As we need the Gods, so do the Gods need us." We believe we can "tap into" that stored power and use it as we will, in accordance with the Wiccan Rede.

We believe that all religions and belief systems are valid, and see them as but different paths to the same end. We recognize the underlying similarities across broad spectrums of religions, but also honor the differences. We do not believe in undermining any religion, but neither do we passively allow any religion to dominate all others. We absolutely do not believe in a "one true way" frame of thought, and are commited to advancing spiritual harmony.

We believe in the Wiccan Rede, "An’ it harm no one, do as ye will." We do not see this as a purely restrictive counsel, but also as a permissive one. As long as our action harms no one, then we are absolutely free to enjoy them. However, should an action bring harm to someone, then we must sit back and consider if the price to be paid is worth the cost.

We believe in the Three-Fold Law - that actions, for good or bad, are repaid to the same polarity threefold. Hence, if we knowingly harm someone, then we shall be repaid for the act threefold. This can manifest itself in many ways. I once knew someone who was repaid by having three bad things happen to him, one after another. Most generally, the effect that you have sent out is given back to you threefold in strength. Alternatively, if you do good for someone, that act will be repaid to you threefold, as well. This goes a bit beyond the law of Karma, or "what ye sow, so shall ye reap." We believe you will reap more that what you sow, for better or worse.